Team description


The mechanical subteam is hands-on, designing and building the robot and its mechanisms. These mechanisms are usually split up between multiple sub-teams within the mechanical team.


The electrical subteam creates and designs electrical boards using FRC electrical components and customs circuits to create a bridge between the mechanical and programming subteams.


The programming subteam is responsible for writing all of the code used on the team. From the robot, to the website, to internal services that make the shop and team run smoother, all if it is written by the programming.


The fundraising subteam generates funding for the team. Through restaurant nights, grants, and other public events, the fundraising team allows the team to grow by giving it an economic base.


The outreach team organizes events to teach our local community about robotics FIRST, and other STEM topics. From teaching at local libraries and schools to volunteering with local charities, this subteam works to establish a strong interest in STEM in Alexandria and to inspire future STEM leaders.


The marketing subteam ensures the team presents a professional and appealing presence in all contexts. Establishing a striking visual presence and upholding a standard of excellence both on and off the competition field. The subteam posts to team social media accounts, sends emails to team patrons, and shares the work of the team to the greater community.


The K8 subteam works with the FIRST robotics teams in kindergarten through 8th grade in Alexandria. From setting up new teams to expanding old ones, high schoolers on Titan Robotics are committed to helping younger children grow to love STEM just as much as they do.