Our Team

Team 5587, also known as Titan Robotics, is made of more than 35 students, who design, build, and program a robot from scratch to compete as part of the FIRST Robotics Competition. Our team consists of several sub-teams, which are each responsible for different aspects of the robot. In addition, there is a sub-team responsible for the fundraising and publicity efforts of the team.


  • Janelle: Head of Electronics
  • Abby
  • Abel
  • Aiden


  • Brendan: Head Programmer
  • Gavriel: Webmaster


  • Leslie: President
  • Owen: Chief Operations Officer
  • Rosie: Chief Administrative Officer
  • Olivia: Fundraising Lead
  • Fariha: Safety Officer
  • Aiden: Scouting Lead
  • Majlis: Community Outreach Lead
  • Paul: Marketing Lead

Thank you to our Mentors

  • Ms. Silberglied
  • Mr. Solomon
  • Mr. Kerns
  • Mr. Sample
  • Mr. Walker
  • Ms. Fisher
  • Mr. Hughes
  • Ms. Lytle

Contact Us

Email: tcwilliamsrobotics@gmail.com

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