This is our robot from the 2018 FRC game Power Up. Our robot, Kernbread, was capable of placing cubes on the scale or switch, and pushing cubes into the exchange. The robot was also able to score points in the switch during the autonomous period, using motion profiling to complete either a left, center, or right autonomous run.


This is our robot from the 2017 FRC game Steamworks. Our robot, affectionately named Good Vibes, is a primarily gear and climbing oriented robot. This robot is able to score points in autonomous mode, and retrieve fallen gears of the ground. The robot also uses a winch to climb the side of an airship, scoring even more points.


This is our robot from the 2016 FRC game Stronghold.The robot, named Caligula, performed well and also served as an educational tool at science nights and club fairs. The robot was designed with a low profile, allowing for quick navigation of various obstacles in the arena and shots in both low and high goals.


This is our robot from the 2015 FRC game Recycle Rush. As the first competion that team 5587 participated in, the robot named Christopher demonstrated the skill and dedication of the newly formed team. The robot could stack and move totes, lift trash cans, and deposit "litter" into trash cans stacked upon totes.