Spring2ACTion is here!

This year, we are excited to participate in Spring2ACTion! Spring2ACTion is a community fundraising event dedicated towards non-profits in Alexandria. We are committing 100% of our profits towards revitalizing our K-8 STEM programs within our city - we hope to give younger students opportunities to try robotics! Being the only student run and led organization participating in Spring2ACTion, we rely on generous people like you to spread the word and support our programs. Please help us continue to educate and inspire students to pursue STEM by donating here. Learn more about what we’ve done in the past year below!

Virtual Outreach

This past year, we started creating videos exploring STEM-related projects, intro to engineering activities, and even fun parody videos. We hoped that by doing this, we would continue to have an impact on our community, even though we couldn’t mentor and teach in person.

FIRST At Home Challenges

This season, we put in a lot of hard work to make our robot, Bob the Buildmo! Named after our host for this season, Building Momentum, Bob the Builmo was built from recycled parts of our previous robots, and was a fantastic robot Despite the many challenges we faced, we were still able to have an amazing season. In the end, we submitted a collection of our autonomous robot driving paths, and we are very proud of the work we were able to accomplish!